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Mer! Hi! Yes I very much dig pretty boys who dig pretty boys! I'm new here, quite obviously. I think that yaoi/shounen-ai(sp?) are bit*%en and am tatally obsessed with FAKE, Gravitation, DNAngel (fanfics on the DNAngel part of course 'cause DNAngel is not a pretty boy love story...sadly),and Eerie Queerie...among others...I don't really know much sbout this community except for the fact that it is for people who like pretty boy/pretty boy. I'm sorry for rambling so much...I don't have any fics or art to contribute at the moment but I'm working on a couple of fics..I'm a terrible artist...and...ummm....that's it...Gomen ne (sorry) once again for taking up so much rambling space....and please don't yell at me if my japanese is a bit off...I'm just learning....
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