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I dig pretty boys who dig pretty boys...

...but pretty boys on their own are just fine, too

I dig pretty boys who dig pretty boys
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A community dedicated to all those who dig pretty boys who dig pretty boys. ...or for those who just dig pretty boys in general! But let's try and keep the focus on the digging between two boys.

Post whatever you like, really. :3 Art, fics, or just random dribble about, well, pretty boys who dig Pretty boys!

-Intro posts are not banned, but encouraged here! Let us know of your presence, even if you don't have something to contribute! :D
-Put all pictures and 'fics inside of an Lj-cut.
-No bashing eachother now. This is a place for love.
-If there's anything that could be questionable make the post friends only and put a warning.
-Post away ;D


This layout features Syuchirou Oishi and Kikumaru Eiji (ie. the Golden Pair) from the anime/manga series Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Oujisama.

It's taken from the doujinshi "Tararan" (which can be found at Sakura-Crisis scanlations. Drawn by Kazuma Kodaka from the K2 circle.