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I dig pretty boys who dig pretty boys

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can you dig it?

[28 Aug 2005|12:57am]

my name is STEVE and i am a MYSPACE ADDICT.


add me. <3

can you dig it?

just a little pic because i have one. [11 Jul 2005|10:34pm]


can you dig it?

i'm so rockstar. [10 Jun 2005|09:19pm]


yeah, biotch.

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Advertising. [16 May 2005|12:33am]

[ mood | bored ]

Hope it's okay, I've never made myself known here before. Sakura made me join. -laugh-

Anyway, go to graphic_works if you love graphics and wish to steal a few icons or submit some of your own.

It's dead and in need of life. Plus, there's a yaoi contest.

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[18 Apr 2005|01:23pm]

^__^; Hi. I'm...Sakura. AndI dig pretty boys.


But I'd much rather have pretty boys who dig pretty boys. Who wouldn't?

Heehee. Contribution?Collapse )

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Newbie bearing gifts [somewhat] [07 Apr 2005|10:51pm]

Hello! Newbie ahoy! :D

I've finally decided to let my BL fangirl side take shape --- thus the making of an lj account, and my joining this community :D

My favorite artists are Yuki Shimizu [Mrawr Reiji], Takashima Kazusa [awesome artist], Kaori Yuki, and Ayano Yamane. I'm super new to manga, so if you guys know any good artists, with good mangas, by all means, I'm willing to know :D Share the lurv. As for series: Rin!, Eerie Queerie [harharhar], Love Mode, Viewfinder and gah, does anything by Kaori Yuki count? Cain rocks. Other pairings? I like H/D. Hehe.

Uhmmm anyway I'd like to post a picture.
Do any of you remember Recipe? By Shimizu-sensei? Well...I remember one line that Kaiya had --> "The Takizawa-san type excites me too." Hahaha I was a little surprised, because I happen to be a fan of Hideaki Takizawa and his 'aikata' Tsubasa Imai.

So for those who remember...and who don't...here's some eye candy.

[They're actually quite a rabu rabu couple in real life...gahahhaha though they deny it to bits. Isn't this picture ENOUGH proof?]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Takizawa-san, the one Kaiya likes, is the one on the left.

So with that, :D I hope that I'll be a good member and yoroshiku!

can you dig it?

photoshootness. [05 Apr 2005|03:52pm]


more, dahlings.Collapse )

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[17 Mar 2005|09:57pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

Mer! Hi! Yes I very much dig pretty boys who dig pretty boys! I'm new here, quite obviously. I think that yaoi/shounen-ai(sp?) are bit*%en and am tatally obsessed with FAKE, Gravitation, DNAngel (fanfics on the DNAngel part of course 'cause DNAngel is not a pretty boy love story...sadly),and Eerie Queerie...among others...I don't really know much sbout this community except for the fact that it is for people who like pretty boy/pretty boy. I'm sorry for rambling so much...I don't have any fics or art to contribute at the moment but I'm working on a couple of fics..I'm a terrible artist...and...ummm....that's it...Gomen ne (sorry) once again for taking up so much rambling space....and please don't yell at me if my japanese is a bit off...I'm just learning....

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[02 Feb 2005|12:56am]

[ mood | awake ]

hello, i am new. obviously, as this is probly the first time you have seen me post here. so i guess i am just saying hi. "hi"

can you dig it?

[21 Jan 2005|02:04pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]


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[12 Jan 2005|12:54am]

[ mood | cold...why am I up? ]

Members of the community!

I, your ever-so-humble mod, come asking for your help!

...ew, enough of that.

I figured one way to help me keep up this community (ie not forget about the little darling >so</i> much. ^_^!

...and Golden Pair is out. Tuff.

can you dig it?

hey now! [06 Jan 2005|09:59pm]

So, hey. I have something that might interest some of you.
From the latest Savage Love:
Attention Readers: Are you a straight woman who likes to watch gay male porn? Bret Fetzer, a writer and a friend, is working on a story about women like you. If you're up for talking about the why and wherefore, please contact him at bret@savagelove.net.
That bit is at the bottom of the article. :D It's like he's inviting the slash/yaoi community to explode in that man's inbox.
Sorry if this is considered off topic!

can you dig it?

[19 Dec 2004|04:32am]

Be active, you say?
Well, I can link to a post in a different community. :D It's not anime style, which seems to be the trend around here, but I thought it was cute.

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[18 Dec 2004|10:11pm]


c''mon people... be active. ;;

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[05 Dec 2004|06:58pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I felt that this community needed some more oomph...so I found six X pics X3 Just couldn't help myself.

5 more under the cut :DCollapse )

I'll find some more lovely stuff later. This is all I wanted XD

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[28 Nov 2004|12:50am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

New layout [and icon] ... finally. :D

Hope everyone likes the Golden Pair (happy birthday, Eiji!)

And winter.

If you haven't been, check out http://www.sakura-crisis.net. Will entertain you for hours. I personally recommend Love Mode. :3!!

Oh, and some whoring.


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[27 Nov 2004|11:32am]

[ mood | crushed ]

Seriously guys, I don't think I can handle Eerie Queerie anymore. Mitsuo is really adorable and I like Ichi a lot, but shit keeps happening for absolutely no reason and I never know just what is going on. It really makes me sad.

can you dig it?

[26 Nov 2004|04:10pm]

Hello, I’m fallen_sun and I, along with my friend no_eden have started a Gravitation RP (based on the anime, not the manga) @ sweetsweetsamba.

We’re looking for RP-ers! If you’d join, we’d be much obliged. ^_^

The setting: right after the anime ends. =)

The rules: in the user info. They aren’t too detailed, don’t worry. ^^

Available characters:

Yuki Eiri
Shindou Shuichi
Uesugi Tatsuha: monkie_tatsu (konekohime)
Seguchi Tohma: nettle_grasper_ (no_eden)
Seguchi Mika
Crawd Winchester (K)
Aizawa Taki
Sakuma Ryuichi
Nakano Hiroshi
Suguru Fujisaki: lets_harmonize (fallen_sun)
Ukai Noriko
Usami Ayaka

Apply: please fill out the following form and either post it in a comment to this or e-mail it to sweetsweetsamba@gmail.com.

LJ Username:
E-mail Address:
Past RP Experience (if any):
Sample Entry:

Thank you so much!

--Marie, fallen_sun

(x-posted to many other places, sorry if this appears multiple times on your friends page ^^;)

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Salutations! [26 Nov 2004|03:57pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Hi, I'm Brian... I'm pretty shy, but I love harassment. I want some new friends, so love me god dammit.

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[23 Nov 2004|08:57pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

So how many of you watch Samaurai Jack and/or Johnny Bravo? Because seriously, Samauri JackxJohnny Bravo would be soooo cute! Because Jack would teach Johnn Bravo how to be with the ladies while loving him and being gentle and sweet with him. I totally painted a picture of it for Coqri the other day and I'm sad that I didn't copy and save it because it was really beautiful. I just remember that it had soft, glowing light and floating cherry blossoms. Seriously, so cute!

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